woocommerce api 500 error

This was a fun journey.

TL;DR – drop the www from the store URL while setting up the integration.

I had a website that wasn’t connecting to click & drop from the Royal Mail. One day it was the next it wasn’t. The evening before I had done some tinkering on that website to speed up the loading of the front page but nothing that should have caused a disconnection.

The only error i was getting was woocommerce api 500 error. Basically it wasn’t allowed to connect.

Thinking back about anything I had done that could have caused it and I had been playing around with caching and cloudflare. It seems that something I had done with was causing this issue.

I spun up a staging site to test and although I was able to connect and the API key was created the next error message was “The store has been updated but connection to the marketplace failed. Please check your details and try again”

I deleted every plugin and then reactivated just woocommerce. Same error.

Next to test the installation – I migrated to a different host overnight and in the morning tested that site. after installing a SSL certificate I was able to connect and activate. But why? It was on a temporary domain name I didn’t migrate the domain and didn’t want to, just yet. All the faff with emails, yuck.

So I know the installation is good, but it doesn’t quite work on the hosting service I have. Not on the staging site or the main site. But the main site didn’t connect at all.

I reviewed the instructions and the thing that struck me was the need to input the store URL from the general settings.

With cloudflare turned on t was pointing all traffic through some clever CNAME DNS setup towards


rather than


I was typing https://www.yourwebsite.com into the Click & Drop integration website and it was not resolving the address for some strange reason. Maybe a bug in Click & Drop website, I’m not sure. But as soon as I dropped the www I was able to connect and sync orders.

Give that a try if you come across a woocommerce api 500 error or this error after initial connection “The store has been updated but connection to the marketplace failed. Please check your details and try again”

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