the journey

I’ve been interested in networking since I first got a router way back in 1998 and had to install a wifi card into my PC. All the time while wondering what all the numbers meant and why it had to be

Eventually I asked more questions to my peers and started exploring how to create my own networks and how to add things to them, manually and automatically. Adding network storage, adding servers, making sure streaming boxes worked well.

I am a big fan of the Ubiquiti hardware and software and purchased my first AP back in 2009 and loved the performance it gave us within the house. I currently run virgin modem into a Apple Time Capsule acting as the router. This then distributes to an unmanaged TP-Link 8 port POE switch and into 2 Unifi Access Points. Also on the network is a Mac Mini 2012 Server now running an SSD and another Time Capsule, a HomePod, an iMac, a homePod Mini, Apple TV and a host of other wireless devices.

I wanted to know more so I signed up for a Cisco routing and switching course at my local college. I enjoyed it and got a lot of knowledge out of the course. I never took my CCENT exam and now that has all changed so this is about me learning and documenting the process of taking my CCNA exam.

There will be segues into other side projects. My mind wanders and I get sucked into things and the itch can’t go away till I’ve gone deep into the idea, be prepared for that.

I hope you enjoy reading this and the journey I go on.