How am I getting on?

It’s nearly Christmas 2021 and the last 6 months have been fascinating. I’ve learnt a lot about languages that I didn’t think I knew much about and built some little projects that have helped me understand processes. I made an RGB slider website that allows me to change the background colour and then copy the… Continue reading How am I getting on?

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Notes on Ruby

I thought I’d write some note on my month of Ruby. Mainly to cement my learning. I find writing things down helps my process. I’ll keep adding to post as and when I want to make a note of something I find interesting. Comments: Variables: You set a variable by giving it a name eg.… Continue reading Notes on Ruby

unifi headless macOS

Unifi is a great system. I’ve had a UniFi AP since about 2010 and they have been rock solid for my use. They are the go to recommendation when someone asks me about improving their wifi at their home. The controller is great and I always like to run my headless on a Mac rather… Continue reading unifi headless macOS

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woocommerce api 500 error

This was a fun journey. TL;DR – drop the www from the store URL while setting up the integration. I had a website that wasn’t connecting to click & drop from the Royal Mail. One day it was the next it wasn’t. The evening before I had done some tinkering on that website to speed… Continue reading woocommerce api 500 error

Can I remove the Mac Mini from the house?

This is project to see if Google Cloud Platform could remove my Mac Mini server from my attic. That computer is coming to end of it’s life and needs to be replaced. It serves a few purposes: Host video files and share them to the Apple TV Run Plex to allow my brother in another… Continue reading Can I remove the Mac Mini from the house?