Learning a language

I was in a position that allowed me to learn Ruby this month. It is a language I had never spent any time with and I really enjoyed it.

I was given codecademy.com as the platform to use and jumped straight in. I’m not new to coding so most of the concepts I picked up easily, I found the language syntax really straightforward too. The documentation is great and I was able to find answers to problems I faced easily.

What it made me do was go and visit a language I have never spent any time with – JavaScript. In the past I have made websites using HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL. Writing the code raw and not using any CRM tools to assist. It was interesting and the language that always eluded me was javascript I have know idea why! I often revert to wordpress as my tool of choice to get a website up as it is very well formed these days, I started using it at version 1, it’s journey has been quite a ride.

Having spent time with php, python, swift and now ruby I am getting to grips with most ideas.

I learn best when I have a project so my next task is to take myself through a course called Full Stack Engineer. I’m drawn towards DevOps and I feel knowing more about front end will help. I’m pretty happy with my basic knowledge. I can build things, adapt things, question things. But I’ll like to know a bit more. Knowledge is powerful.

The next few posts will be me taking myself through the Full Stack Engineer Course on codecademy.com, mainly to document my learning so I can refer to it in the future and thank past self.

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